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Author Ryan Netwrix
Ryan (Netwrix)
Nov 29, 2022 at 10:18 UTC | Netwrix

[Webinar] Power Up Your Identity and Access Management

December 8 @ 9 am PT/ 12 pm ET

To protect your organization’s most valuable assets, it’s critical to secure all three attack surfaces: data, identities and infrastructure. That puts identity and access management (IAM) squarely at the center of any modern security strategy. Indeed, to build a Zero Trust environment, you need to be able to verify the identities of people, applications and machines, and control what systems and data they can reach.

Netwrix has made exciting acquisitions in the IAM space recently, and we’re excited to showcase how they can further enable you to ensure that only the right people have access to the right resources at the right time for the right reason.

Join this webinar to learn how you can:

  • Control privileged accounts
  • Govern and administer identities
  • Set policies and secure passwords
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Vendor Netwrix
Nov 25, 2022 at 13:02 UTC on the Netwrix page
Author Ryan Netwrix
Ryan (Netwrix)
Nov 22, 2022 at 08:57 UTC | Netwrix

[Webinar] Enhance Security & Accelerate Productivity with Privilege Management

November 29 & 30 @ 1 pm ET / 10 am PT

Because privileged accounts are so powerful, a single misuse or compromise can lead to a data breach or other security incident. However, rigorously maintaining dozens or hundreds of privileged accounts is a tough challenge, forcing IT teams to balance security against operational workload.

We’ve gathered industry experts to showcase next-gen solutions that can protect your organization without costly business disruptions. Join this masterclass series and learn how to improve team performance while enhancing security.

November 29 @ 1 pm ET / 10 am PT 

With great power comes great responsibility.

Privileged accounts are a necessary part of everyday IT operations, but managing them to date has been complex and costly with a lot of disruption to the business, so organizations only deploy solutions when they really have to e.g. compliance drivers.

Join this masterclass to learn:

  • The hidden threats of unmanaged privilege accounts
  • How managing the problem can be done surprisingly quickly
  • Next generation PAM solutions are a lot different than you might think

November 30 @ 1 pm ET / 10 am PT 

Implementing a Least Privilege Management Framework on Windows and macOS Devices

The success or failure of any cyberattack depends on one thing: privileges. Without sufficient privileges, the threat actor has no ability to execute code, move laterally or access your sensitive data. Accordingly, it's critical to implement least privilege across the IT ecosystem, all the way down to users’ machines.

But what does a least privilege model look like on user devices? On the one hand, granting local administrator rights to a user account gives any adversary who compromises that account free rein on the device. But taking away too many permissions keeps users from being able to do their jobs.

18X Microsoft MVP Jeremy Moskowitz and 4X Microsoft MVP Nick Cavalancia are here to help. In this webinar, they’ll cover:

  • Common ways attackers take advantage of application and operating system privileges
  • How implementing a least privilege framework can help you block ransomware, Zero Day exploits and phishing attacks
  • The pros and cons of native management tools like LAPS, Applocker, LUAbuglight and Procmon
  • Practical ways to make your endpoint operating systems and applications more secure using Group Policy and Microsoft Intune
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Ryan (Netwrix)
Nov 10, 2022 at 13:37 UTC in Data Recovery
Author Ryan Netwrix
Ryan (Netwrix)
Nov 10, 2022 at 12:16 UTC | Netwrix

Microsoft Teams Reporting for Better Control over Sensitive Data

Microsoft Teams offers a wealth of business collaboration capabilities for organizations of all sizes, enabling users to chat, make calls, send messages, share documents and hold meetings. But adoption of the service often raises serious security concerns about improper sharing of sensitive data and privilege abuse. Effective MS Teams reporting is vital to strengthening your security posture, spotting threats in their early stages and quickly investigating incidents.

Using native MS Teams reporting

One option is native Microsoft Teams reporting. The Microsoft Teams Admin Center in Office 365 provides an array of dashboards and reports that provide Teams admins with insight into activity in Teams. Via the Analytics & Reports section, you can access various types of reports, such as teams usage reports, device usage reports, user activity reports and data protection reports. (The latter requires a license for the Microsoft Communications DLP service plan.)

The high-level overview of Teams user activity can help you spot unusual activity. However, there is no way drill down into event details from the dashboard; if you need detailed information on who did what, you’ll have to access the Microsoft 365 Security & Compliance Center’s unified audit log. Unfortunately, the log data is difficult to analyze because the log output is not interactive and the format is cumbersome.

Plus, the log keeps information about every event in your environment, so in large environments with many active users, it may contain so many events that you will have to download and parse it manually. As a result, in any but the smallest environments, using the native audit log for investigation is likely to prevent you from getting to the bottom of incidents in a timely manner.

How can Netwrix help?

Netwrix Auditor enables MS Teams administrators to quickly get deep insight into Teams groups, channels, sharing and activity. There’s no need to meticulously rake through the native audit log — you can easily spot threats, drill down into event details, set up alerts on suspicious activity, and quickly find required information through a flexible Google-like search.

The software also allows you to assign each user exactly the reports related to their area of responsibility, without the need to grant them privileged access to the audit information.

Visibility into teams and their membership

Review all changes to teams and their membership in detail so you can spot potential security issues and demonstrate your control over Microsoft Teams.

Insight into overexposed data

Prevent data leaks by identifying teams that expose documents to anonymous or external users, who might share sensitive information inappropriately and cause a data breach.

Control over user activity

Gain visibility into what your users are doing around sensitive data stored in Microsoft Teams to streamline incident investigation and prove compliance.

Pass compliance audits with ease

Prepare for audits and get answers to tricky questions from auditors in no time using set of predefined compliance reports.

Alerts on threats and automated report generation

Get informed about security incidents faster by receiving alerts on suspicious events, such as a user copying a large number of sensitive documents in a short period of time. Plus, use the subscription feature to automatically provide weekly or daily reports on your Teams infrastructure to the right people.

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Edited Nov 10, 2022 at 13:25 UTC
Ryan (Netwrix)
Nov 8, 2022 at 16:52 UTC in General IT Security
Author Ryan Netwrix
Ryan (Netwrix)
Nov 8, 2022 at 16:43 UTC | Netwrix

Streamline Microsoft Teams Auditing to Strengthen Your Cloud Security

Microsoft Teams is used more and more by businesses around the world to enhance communication and support teamwork. An advanced fusion of SharePoint and Outlook technologies, this cloud communication platform helps users share files, set up meetings and perform other daily activities — in a single application.

However, IT security teams find it challenging to reduce the risk of data leaks in Teams because they struggle to get meaningful information from audit records. On daily basis, specialists are forced to spend their time performing log searches and typing endless PowerShell cmdlets to identify and investigate incidents across their Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) environment.

Netwrix Auditor will help you support IT operations, improve your security, and ease the burden of configuration and audit data collection.

Ensure control over team membership
Microsoft Teams makes it easy for users to collaborate by creating teams for their projects and sharing data there. But it is challenging for IT security pros to keep track of all the teams that get created and exactly how their membership changes over time. Make this vital task a breeze with Netwrix Auditor.

Insight into overexposed data
Prevent data leaks by identifying teams that expose documents to anonymous or external users, who might share sensitive data inappropriately and cause a data breach.

Shed light on activity around sensitive data
Users work with and share tons of data every day, and Microsoft Teams makes it easy for them. But how can you spot events that poses a threat to data security? Netwrix Auditor enables you to see internal and external user activity in Microsoft Teams in just a few clicks.

Speed incident detection and investigation
The longer an incident unfolds without you knowing about it, the more significant the damage can be. Speed incident detection by getting meaningful reports with simple audit log search that enables you to get the details you need using a simple Google-like query that relieves you from sifting through tons of irrelevant audit log records. Plus, in just a few clicks, you can set up real-time alerts to be aware of all critical changes in your Teams environment.

Prepare and pass compliance audits with ease
Get answers to tricky questions from auditors in no time with set of predefined compliance reports.
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Vendor Netwrix
Nov 8, 2022 at 16:38 UTC on the Netwrix page
Author Ryan Netwrix
Ryan (Netwrix)
Nov 3, 2022 at 15:45 UTC | Netwrix

[Webinar] Cloud Security Masterclass: Make Your Cloud Migration Secure - Nov 16

Wednesday, November 16 @ 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Migrating to the cloud can create opportunities for enterprises, but it can also introduce serious security risks. All too often, security controls are not implemented until well after the migration is complete, and out-of-the-box controls are passed over because of the perception that they will frustrate business users and hinder service adoption. Even worse, document controls tend to come last because of the effort required to implement them — and by then, users are already sharing content freely, including sensitive data.

In this webinar, we will discuss the following:

  • Common threats involved with migrating to the cloud
  • Controls for mitigating those threats
  • The value of document protection
  • Microsoft 365 services for document protection
  • How Netwrix solutions enhance document protection

By the end of this webinar, you will be better prepared for a secure migration to cloud services.

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Author Ryan Netwrix
Ryan (Netwrix)
Nov 2, 2022 at 09:58 UTC | Netwrix

[Webinar] Simple Practices for Secure Configuration Management - Nov 10

Thursday, November 10 @ 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

One IT practice tops the list for both good cyber hygiene and regulatory compliance: secure configuration management, or system hardening. The toughest part about hardening your servers and other computers is not simply finding missing settings but establishing solid configurations in the first place and maintaining them over time.

Join this session as we demonstrate just how easy Netwrix Change Tracker makes it for small IT teams to:

  • Identify weaknesses in current system configurations
  • Establish benchmark standards for a hardened posture
  • Apply those approved benchmark settings consistently
  • Promptly spot and correct drift into insecure configurations
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