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Optimizing ROI in the Hybrid Workplace: The One Factor That Impacts Mobility, Performance, and Security

As we enter 2022, experts are predicting more than half of employees will be in a hybrid work environment. Businesses need to be ready for this flexible work style and need the right technology and infrastructure in place to meet the needs of both end-users and IT teams. Upgrading your PC fleet isn't the most exciting way to spend your budget, but the right technology can ensure you stay ahead of competitors and even show a return on investment.

4 Essentials for IT Pros to Manage Hybrid Workplace Challenges in 2022 and Beyond

Employees need the right tools — like computers — to make the hybrid work model work effectively. Unfortunately, that's where a third of companies are falling short. Your employees need a future-ready digital infrastructure that includes technology that lets them work effectively from anywhere. Here are four ways the right enterprise computer platform can guarantee device fleet performance, stability, manageability, and security for your hybrid workforces.

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